7 o’clock on a Saturday evening is normally Cowan’s Classics on Classic FM in which Rob Cowan (pictured) extends artists and repertoire beyond that habitually associated with this station, gratifyingly.

Under the cover of appeasing animals frightened by the noise of fireworks, a laudable intention, Bill Turnbull instead presented Pet Sounds, a soporific choice of CFM staples – including Fauré’s Pavane, Rachmaninov’s Vocalise, some gentle John Field and, of course, The Lark Ascending (which I love, although it’s now done to death).

I might have lasted the two-hour course but for my pet elephant, Eddie, he’s always in the room, who was nodding off but found enough energy to trumpet: “Col, do you think they’ll play Hans Werner Henze’s Seventh Symphony in Simon Rattle’s recording?” I replied: “Somehow I doubt it my friend, too long and complex.” “Do us a favour then mate and switch off, I’d rather watch Strictly.”

Eddie got his wish at 7.30, I stayed in the kitchen for supper, and Rob’s back next week.