As a native Ukrainian, I decided to support my motherland and people during this indeed hard for all of us times. 
All my concerts in near future will be reformatted in aid of Ukraine, and all charity funds will be donated directly through DEC appeal, Red Cross or the Ukrainian Embassy Global Support funds.
My strict policy through all events will be not to take any donations, but to provide the links for donations, to avoid any misunderstanding or any inconvenient situations.
My Macclesfield and Peterborough concerts were generously supported by Macclesfield and Peterborough City councils, and local dignitaries expressed the support and solidarity of the people of Macclesfield and Peterborough  for those of Ukraine.

At the moment we raised with generous support of both communities around £6,500 from both events, private donations through the charity links hardly possible to estimate.

Also, I have a book of messages from British communities, which I am hoping to pass to Ukrainian front lines, and working on the way, how to pass recorded video messages of gratitude from Ukrainian children to UK.

My mission is not only to unite Ukrainian, English, Baltic communities trough events, but also to share the word about real situation in Ukraine. Not closed air in Ukraine is a potential threat to all the world, because nuclear power plants in Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia been taken  not by russian army, but by chechen terrorists, who ready to die like terrorists in Manchester attacks. As a Chernobyl child victim, I know, and felt consequences incredibly well, but consequences from Zaporizhzhia power plant could be four times more than from Fukushima or Chernobyl.

At the moment I am working on my Brighton BUC concert, hoping  to get similar with previous concerts result, and decided to start on planing Manchester event. 
During my RNCM student years, I participated in charity event at the Manchester Town Hall in aid of Deansgate Chopin monument, which was kindly attended and supported by Polish Consul in Manchester. Do hope that local dignitary and Ukrainian, Baltic communities will be able to support my efforts in Manchester as well.
I have some possible ideas about Manchester event location, but decided to contact my alma-mater RNCM in first instance, about support possibilities. I would deeply appreciate any advise or support of my Manchester event in any convenient way.