Pianist Kristian Bezuidenhout joins the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) for their latest Schubertian concert on OAE Player. Themed around the composer’s famous depictions of the Trout, the OAE perform some of Schubert’s most loved party pieces.

Max Mandel, OAE Principal Viola, describes the filming of this concert:

‘We filmed this concert at the Thames Rowing Club on a sweaty couple of days in June. It was because of this location that we felt it would be a missed opportunity not to include ‘Die Forelle’ (‘The Trout’) which Schubert uses for an iconic Theme and Variations movement in the Quintet. Since our remarkable Rising Star Guy Cutting (tenor) gave such a beautiful performance of the song with Kristian Bezuidenhout, we let him have a go at fishing on the Thames, which proved almost as rewarding as the concert itself!’

The piano Kristian plays on in this concert is a Viennese grand by Johan Baptist Streicher, made in 1839. John Irving, the owner of the beautiful model, says:

‘Streicher was the son of Nanette Stein-Streicher, whose own father, Johan Andreas Stein was among the foremost piano builders in the age of Mozart – so it has an impressive pedigree. Like many instruments of its type, there is a clarity to its sound quality that is especially well-suited to expressing the textures in Schubert’s music. These can sound a little ‘muddy’ on modern instruments (in low register especially); by contrast, the high treble registers can sound rather too bright and dominant. On the Streicher, however, the tone is always crystal-clear, characterised by distinctive and contrasting ‘colours’ in the different registers, rather than excessive volume.’

This performance will premiere on OAE Player at 8pm on Thursday 28 October.