Christian Thielemann is currently engaged with what is already a distinguished Bruckner Symphony Cycle for Sony Classical (latest release here:

This Profil/Dresden account of Symphony One (using the original Linz version) is quite superb, in excellent sound (September 1, 2017, Semperoper, a concert performance with applause removed). It’s a powerful, profound (slow movement especially), thrilling and lyrically charged reading, the Bruckner-seasoned Dresdeners at full strength, in full flight, and totally unfazed by the tremendously fast speed that Thielemann sets for the Scherzo (the Trio is contrastingly languorous); fantastic playing.

Throughout, the music is made compelling as is the music-making on its own terms. It will be interesting to hear Thielemann’s Vienna Philharmonic approach, already recorded it seems,, awaiting Sony release, as are Symphonies ‘0’ and 5 – quite a queue forming – and, anyway, for the awaited No.1, Thielemann now turns to the Vienna revision. Profil PH18083.