Twenty-eight pieces, nearly seventy minutes of music – the bones of Música callada, signalling the final compositions of Catalan composer Federico Mompou (1893-1987), mysterious music, stated simply, yet possessing storytelling powers and hypnotic means through the expressive and essential notes alone. Once started, these miniatures (some suggest Debussy, all are suggestive, occasionally Bartók the folklorist looks in) hold the listener enthralled – less is more – and have in Stephen Hough (and not for the first time with this composer) a dedicated pianist and alchemist, creating atmospheres aplenty with relatively minimal (but not minimalist) means, restrained dynamics (mostly), and unresolved structures. Best listened to whole (undistracted), Música callada is a special experience on Hyperion CDA68362, with first-class sound and presentation. [booklet note & listening tracks]

Sir Stephen Hough’s Memoir “Enough: Scenes from Childhood” to be Released in the U.S. On April 11 by Faber & Faber.