Some background to this recording:

A few thoughts from me:

I am no expert regarding these Six Sonatas (dedicated respectively to Szigeti, Thibaud, Enescu, Kreisler, Crickboom and Quiroga), and indeed have found them emotionally barren over the years irrespective of the performer, although I have never doubted the composer’s musical intellect or his mastery of writing for his own instrument. However, with her formidable technique and her enquiring mind, Hilary Hahn offers (me) a series of revelations based on marvellous playing, what seem meaningful insights, and an overall passionate response that makes for an engagement I have not experienced before with these Bach-inspired yet modern scores (the opening of Sonata 5 might pass for Bartók), excepting the single-movement Sonata 3 (‘Ballade’), a great piece of growth and energy. There are many recordings of Ysaÿe’s Opus 27 and I have heard relatively few, so I’m not going to be idle or flippant and throw superlatives at Hahn’s interpretations, suffice to say I was totally hooked by each of the fifteen movements and am grateful to Hilary Hahn for illuminating hitherto unsuspected riches. DG 486 4176.