Day-long festival of new music at Kings Place brings together ensembles from USA, Italy, UK:

Riot Ensemble (UK), Hub New Music (USA), L’Arsenale (Italy)

Saturday, April 30, 2022 – 3pm, 5pm, 8.30pm

Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG

As part of its ReNEW residency at Kings Place, London the ever-enterprising UK-based Riot Ensemble curates a day-long festival of new music (Saturday, April 30, 2022) which explores how the global pandemic has impacted, expanded and collapsed relationships between us all.

Emphasising its commitment to a truly international vision of new music, Riot has invited two ensembles – Italy’s L’Arsenale and the USA’s Hub New Music - to make their UK debuts. Riot opens the festival with a punchy and irreverent programme, SPIN.

From Riot’s 2020 Call-for-Scores winner Alec Hall’s deep-dive into the cult-fitness world of Peloton (SPIN) to ever-present questions of immigration, togetherness and ’the other’ in Filippo Perocco’s new score to the classic 1922 horror film Nosferatu, the festival takes its title – Things to Do in the Belly of a Whale – from Aaron Holloway-Nahum’s latest work, commissioned by Hub New Music, and here receiving its World Premiere.

During the day featured composers and performers will also discuss issues raised by the festival in a free, Open Forum chaired by composer/cellist Zoe Martlew.


3pm – Hall One:

Riot Ensemble (UK)



Jagoda Szmytka sky-me, type-me

Alec Hall SPIN

Joseph Bates Sparrow

Riot Ensemble brings characteristic elan and irreverence to a punchy opening programme which launches its exploration of relationships since the pandemic.

Here, Polish composer Jagoda Szmytka translates the experience of communication through Skype into multi-layered music in sky-me, type-me, while SPIN, by US-based Canadian Alec Hall, takes us on a deep-dive into the cult-fitness world of Peloton, which exploded over the past year, catapulting its audience on a cyclical journey as it weaves together motivational quotations from Peloton instructors and de-motivational statements from Vanessa Place’s Litany of Self-Loathing. Joseph BatesSparrow, commissioned as part of Riot’s Zeitgeist series of lockdown solos, presses the double-bass – the orchestra’s largest instrument – into service to evoke one of the smallest of birds.

5pm – Hall Two:

Hub New Music (Boston, USA)

Things to Do in the Belly of a Whale


Laura Kaminsky Uncover

Nina C Young hear the things we cannot see

Nathalie Joachim They Found Me in Pieces

Aaron Holloway-Nahum Things to Do in the Belly of the Whale (World Premiere)

Hub New Music, the acclaimed Boston-based ensemble forging new paths in 21st century music, makes its Kings Place debut.

The ensemble’s concert features sonic realisations and responses to poetry from four leading lights of American composition: Laura Kaminsky, Nathalie Joachim, Nina C Young and Aaron Holloway-Nahum. The pieces – each composed for Hub New Music during the pandemic – feature live electronic and video elements, using playback and spatialisation to unite spaces past and present. In their focus and exploration of words and collaborative relationships current and past, these pieces ask questions about how the past two years have impacted, expanded and collapsed our understanding of friendship.

Aaron Holloway Nahum’s Things to do in the Belly of the Whale, receiving its world premiere, takes its title from Dan Albergotti’s short, meditative poem. Multimedia interpretations of the poem echo back into and across the performance of the piece, whose 20-minute-span includes video and audio electronics, wine glasses, pitch pipes, slide whistles and an amplified ocean drum.

6.30pm – St. Pancras Room

Composers’ Open Forum – FREE

Chair: Zoe Martlew

Performers and composers involved in the day’s concerts discuss issues raised by the festival with composer/cellist Zoe Martlew – the importance of maintaining European ties and international contacts against the background of Brexit and professional survival in the wake of the global pandemic.

8.30pm – Hall One:

L’Arsenale Ensemble (Treviso, Italy)

Nosferatu — A Symphony of Horror 

Silent film by F. W. Murnau (1922) with live score

Music Filippo Perocco

L’Arsenale Ensemble

Filippo Perocco conductor

The brilliant L’Arsenale Ensemble from Treviso, Italy presents a new film score for the classic horror film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror  by F.W. Murnau in celebration of the film’s centenary. The composer is instrumental inventor extraordinaire Filippo Perocco, Artistic Director of L’Arsenale Ensemble.

Murnau’s 1922 film, one of the most famous of all silent movies – which continues to haunt audiences to this day – has long been noted for its themes of fear of ‘the other’, and of the invasions, real and imagined, which it portrays. Perocco’s music never shies away from these themes as it uses an array of electronics, prepared piano, voice, and mixed ensemble to lean into the disquiet and ask us how we plan to move forward, together.

Listen to an extract to the Filippo Perocco’s film score for Nosferatu:

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