British conductor Rumon Gamba, who has served as the Chief Conductor of Oulu Sinfonia since the beginning of 2022, has signed a contract extension with the orchestra. The new contract covers the years 2025–2026, with an option for 2027–2028. Gamba will conduct the orchestra in Oulu for at least eight weeks per year and will be responsible for artistic planning together with the orchestra’s General Manager.

“We are fortunate to continue a highly successful collaboration with Gamba. In recent years, Oulu Sinfonia has seen an influx of new musicians. It has been crucial that an experienced conductor like Rumon Gamba has worked with the orchestra during this inspiring transitional period and is willing to commit to continued collaboration with us,” says General Manager Maija Kuusisto.

Rumon Gamba has had a distinguished career as a guest conductor and chief conductor with several European orchestras, particularly in the Nordic countries. Before joining Oulu Sinfonia, Gamba served as the Chief Conductor of the Norrlandsoperan in Umeå, the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra in Denmark, and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Throughout his career, Gamba has recorded extensively and has been nominated for a Grammy Award twice for his recordings with Chandos Records. Oulu Sinfonia’s and Gamba’s first recording together, album titled Overtures from Finland, was released in August 2023.

“I want to continue to widen the orchestra’s repertoire and develop the connection with our wonderful audience. I want the audience to know they can come to listen to absolutely anything we do, regardless of whether they know the music or not, and be guaranteed an experience that is unique”, Gamba describes.

Also Kuusisto highlights Gamba’s unique relationship with the audience. “I appreciate his innovative and open approach to programming. We share a common goal of achieving significant artistic results in Oulu, and we are committed to jointly taking responsibility for that.”

Text: Oulu Sinfonia

Photos: Veera Uutinen (with orchestra)