“Jeremy Elliott, one of the great characters of the UK classical record industry, has died at the age of 64. Like a generation of record folk, he was an alumnus of MDC (Music Discount Centre), one of the gems of London’s retail world. He worked for Harmonia Mundi, establishing its presence and distribution network in this country as its first UK Managing Director. He then founded his own distribution business, The Complete Record Co, and later at Retrospective Records started his own line of reissues, drawing on numerous different source labels, and he also distributed the Brilliant Classics catalogue. Latterly he was a distribution consultant for Melodiya in the UK.

“A bon vivant with a passion for fast cars, Jeremy was an unashamed rogue, but his force of character, scandalous anecdotes and ‘wide-boy’ attitude to life endeared him to all but the hardest of hearts. He was a survivor and, underneath the bravado, he had a very genuine and astoundingly broad love of music, a very warm heart, and was a loyal friend to many in the industry. The London music world will be much the poorer without him.”

James Jolly [Gramophone website]