Daniil Trifonov plays the grand piano donated to the Salzburg Festival by John Paulson, the owner of Steinway, for the Festival Centre in planning. Photo: Paul Schirnhofer

A New Steinway Grand Piano for the Salzburg Festival

(SF, 25 August 2021) At a concert at the Haus für Mozart, pianist Daniil Trifonov inaugurated the new Steinway grand piano in the presence of approximately one hundred invited guests. The highly polished concert grand D-274, the company’s hallmark and the preferred instrument on the leading stages of this world, is a personal gift from John Paulson, the owner of Steinway & Sons and a patron of the Salzburg Festival. He is a long-standing friend of Eva Maria O’Neill, the chairwoman of the Amadeus Weekend. The grand piano was selected personally at the Steinway factory in Hamburg by the Festival’s Artistic Director, pianist Markus Hinterhäuser, together with Anna Vinnitskaya, who makes her Salzburg Festival debut in 2021 with the Berlin Philharmonic. The instrument will be part of the new Festival Centre which is currently in planning.

Painstakingly built by hand in Hamburg, the concert grand is fitted with the Harmonic Damper setting. This revolutionary technique, developed only in 2019, enables pianists to employ an extremely nuanced articulation and thus deliver outstanding artistic performance on stage.

“We consider it a great privilege to offer this beautiful concert grand by Steinway & Sons to our artists at the new Festival Centre,” said Markus Hinterhäuser during the selection process. “We believe we have chosen a very special instrument, which will accommodate a large spectrum of musical genres on the one hand and offer artists many different ways realizing their creative potential on the other.”

Guido Zimmermann, President of Steinway & Sons Europe, comments on the partnership: “We are truly pleased to be part of the Amadeus Weekend during the Salzburg Festival. To me, it is one of the most legendary international music festivals, rightfully celebrating the fascinating world of opera and music. We congratulate the Festival on its centenary and wish all those involved a successful future. We are glad and grateful that concertgoers are finally able to experience live concerts again. We look forward particularly to the day on which the Steinway concert grand piano will grace the stage of the new Festival Centre.”