Decca Records releases a breathtaking new soundtrack to accompany Sir David Attenborough’s newest feature documentary, David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, which premieres in selected global cinemas today (28th September 2020). The documentary will also be available on Netflix globally from 4th October.

The soundtrack release (28th Sept), available on digital, CD and vinyl, not only features stunning cinematic music from Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price but also the voice of Sir David, whose long career as a broadcaster and natural historian has highlighted urgent conservation issues impacting our natural world.

Price has developed a deeply moving soundtrack score, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London in 2019 – with sessions attended by Sir David himself. On working once again with the team behind the award-winning Netflix series Our Planet, released last year, Steven says, â€œTo find the right musical tone for what Sir David refers to as his “witness statement”, a film that shows mankind’s impact on the natural world through the eyes of the man who has experienced so much and shared it with us all for so many years, was an exciting but nerve-racking prospect. Everyone involved in the project is proud to have been a part of it, and hope that it can be seen as far and wide as possible in spreading Sir David’s crucial message.”

As with Decca’s physical release for the Our Planet soundtrack in 2019, the album packaging is an ecological material made from algae and FSC fibres, Shiro Alga Carta, developed as a way to reprocess the damaging algal blooms of the Venice lagoon into a sustainable paper product. Due to its success, the concept has been extended to other fragile marine areas across the world.

In his 94 years, Attenborough has visited every continent on the globe, documenting the living world in all its variety and wonder. Now, for the first time he reflects upon both the defining moments of his lifetime as a naturalist and the devastating changes he has seen. The film, which serves as Attenborough’s witness statement for the natural world, will screen in select cinemas across the UK and further afield.

The film has been created by award-winning natural history filmmakers Silverback Films and global environmental organisation WWF.

Keith Scholey, co-founder of Silverback Films and director of the film, comments: â€œRecently, all of us have experienced the impacts of COVID-19 – a devastating consequence of our broken relationship with the natural world. As we rebuild from the pandemic, Sir David’s reflections and messages of hope feel particularly timely and relevant. He not only addresses why we must urgently mend our relationship with nature, but also offers solutions to ensuring a safe and sustainable future for our planet and its people.”

A music video to accompany the track ‘This Is My Witness Statement’, featuring Sir David’s narrations and Price’s score, is out on 4th October. Honest, revealing and urgent, David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet is a powerful first-hand account of humanity’s impact on nature and a message of hope for future generations.