Edward Johnson writes…

Two more April maestros to follow in Stokowski’s footsteps! http://www.colinscolumn.com/stokowski-at-141-on-april-18/.

Both were born on 29 April – in 1879 in Sir Thomas Beecham’s case and 1895 in Sir Malcolm Sargent’s, their birthdays being marked here by two videos. The visual quality of each is inevitably somewhat archaic but is better than nothing! … Beecham is seen in a Suite from his own Love in Bath arrangement of Handel pieces. It comes from an early colour TV transmission in 1959 when he was guest-conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


Beecham Handel

Sargent’s appearance comes from the 1943 semi-documentary movie Battle for Music in which he introduced and conducted Delius’s “La Calinda” with the London Philharmonic.


Sargent La Calinda