Innovative International Education & Development Programme


is launched by the

Szczecin Philharmonic

to transform the classical music concert experience

What are the challenges we face in enhancing and transforming the world of classical music concerts? 

How do we integrate the online experience into a world where live events may soon become possible again? 

How do we bring fresh new perspectives to live concert occasions?

These are some of the many pertinent questions posed by the Szczecin Philharmonic in its brand-new MUSIC.MULTIMEDIA.MANAGEMENT multidisciplinary international educational and development programme directed at young arts professionals, scheduled to run through 2021/2022.  

It aims to assist young musicians, artists, aspiring culture managers and arts professionals in acquiring new skills, to equip participants to pursue professional job opportunities, to broaden the idea of interdisciplinary arts, to promote effective use of new technologies and to grow audiences and enhance international collaboration in the arts sector.   

Registration is now open: applications will be considered from 1st April to 5th May 2021.

Aiming to help participants answer those questions and develop new ideas for the live concert format for classical and contemporary music will be a range of international experts in related fields, including Professor Julian Lloyd Webber for the Music Education module and Kathryn Enticott of Enticott Music Management for the Artist Management module. (Full list at time of publication below).

The initial on-line tuition is free, followed by a subsidised two week practical training period in Poland or Norway and a two month paid internship in Poland or Norway for selected candidates to develop their practical skills in the creation and production of international arts projects.  

Each module in the programme consists of a series of webinars and masterclasses showcasing a wide range of experts, experienced tutors and special guests and will provide participants with useful and relevant historical, geographical and social contexts to each topic, will include case studies and provide helpful strategies to overcome challenges and obstacles in the given field, all with the aim of providing the participants with an essential tool-kit for their future development whilst stressing the overall important interconnectivity between the various modules as they relate to the creative arts sector.

The starting point for the programme will be the audience experience with a focus on sound design, lighting and visuals, music educationaudience developmentartist management and creative arts project management. The result will be a greater awareness of the whole creation and production process among aspiring cultural managers and arts professionals of the future, realised through a range of exciting events to be held at the end of the programme, curated by the participants themselves to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and insights.

Behind this initiative is the Szczecin Philharmonic in partnership with Fjord Cadenza, Norway and the TRAFO Centre for Contemporary Art, Szczecin. They will be working alongside the Music.Design.Form Festival, Szczecin; the International Lutoslawski Youth Orchestra; the Fjord Cadenza Festival and three in-house Gallery exhibitions to offer participants the best all-round creative experience possible.

Says Dorota Serwa, Managing Director, Szczecin Philharmonic: “The innovative Music.Multimedia.Management project is not only the perfect opportunity for us as a modern centre of musical culture and excellence to share our experience with others but also for us all to to learn together as we explore what the experts forecast for our industry, how artistic productions might be shaped and what the expectations are of the emerging producers of the future. How exciting that we as a musical institution will be at the forefront of these new experiences”.

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