Following the success of ‘In Search of Hades’ (2019), Tangerine Dream’s classic recordings for Virgin made between 1980 and 1983 are to be released in ‘Tangerine Dream: ‘Pilots of Purple Twilight – The Virgin recordings 1980 – 1983’, a 10 x CD box set, released 30th October, showcasing the next chapter in this period of Tangerine Dream’s history. Tangerine Dream are one of the true pioneers of electronic and ambient music, and the albums they recorded for Virgin Records between 1980 and 1983 remain classics of the genre.

The UMC box set features newly re-mastered versions of the albums ‘Tangram,’ ‘Thief’, ‘Exit’, ‘White Eagle’, ‘Logos Live’, ‘Hyperborea’ along with the previously unreleased soundtrack for ‘The Keep’ from the 1983 movie directed by Michael Mann, something of a holy grail for Tangerine Dream fans. All audio has been drawn from the original master tapes and has been enhanced by new stereo mixes by Ben Wiseman.

‘Pilots of Purple Twilight’ also features previously unreleased material across 4 discs, including the full concert at The Dominion Theatre, London (November 1982). In addition, it includes 4 tracks from ‘White Eagle’ and ‘Daydream – Moorland’ that are released for the first time on CD and digitally. ‘Thief’ includes ‘Dr. Destructo’ (extended version), previously only used for promotional use only. The Tangerine Dream tracks featured on the Virgin soundtrack LP for the movie ‘Risky Business’ are also included in the box set, including the band’s biggest streamer, ‘Love on a Real Train’ and from the Virgin archive, the unreleased songs from the soundtrack to the 1982 movie ‘The Soldier’, which was scored, composed and performed by the band.

1 x CD versions of ‘Tangram’, ‘Thief’, ‘Exit’, ‘White Eagle’, ‘Hyperborea’ and ‘Logos Live’ are also set for release with the audio taken from the 2020 remasters and feature bonus tracks from the box set. A 2CD edition of the box set will also be available which includes a reproduction of a rare poster.