Harry Christophers, Eamonn Dougan and Robert Hollingworth team up to discuss choral music

Today, Monday 11th May, two of the country’s best choral music ensembles, The Sixteen and I Fagiolini present a new podcast: Choral Chihuahua. The first episode is available now on all good podcast providers.  

Choral Chihuahua sees three renowned British choral conductors Harry Christophers (Founder and Conductor, The Sixteen), Eamonn Dougan(Associate Conductor, The Sixteen and singer with both ensembles) and Robert Hollingworth (Director, I Fagiolini) muse on things that matter to them: composers they love, points of choral technique, classic but also niche choral works, and other singers, conductors and ensembles they admire. The podcast’s name is inspired by a vocal warm-up advocated by Eamonn, tune in to episode three to find out more.

What is tertiary shift and does it matter to anyone except Robert? Why was Harry first drawn to the music of Sir James MacMillan? Can Eamonn explain why all singers should embrace their internal choral chihuahua?

With a light-hearted touch, three stalwarts of the UK’s enviable and varied choral scene chew the choral cud about how, and why one does it, and what they have learned along the way – insight and inventiveness in equal measure. Each episode is 35 minutes long, released every fortnight, with a variety of guests throughout the series: chat mingled with music.

The first six episodes

1. Opening Bars

Eamonn talks to Harry and Robert about how they started their own ensembles

2. The Spem Episode  

Three conductors on the 40-part mammoth that is Tallis’ Spem in alium

3. Why the Chihuahua?

Eamonn, Robert and Harry talk about what makes them tick musically and come up with a few surprising answers

4. When Sally met Harry

In the first guest interview, we meet a legendary founder member of The Sixteen

5. Next Gen

The trio discuss different youth schemes available for young choral singers

6. James MacMillan

Harry Christophers talks to MacMillan about their fruitful association

Future guests include soprano Carolyn Sampson, conductor Grete Pedersen, baritone Roderick Williams, composer and conductor Eric Whitacre.

Choral Chihuahua is brought to you by I Fagiolini and The Sixteen and produced by Percius, The Sixteen, and Polyphonic Films. It is supported by I Fagiolini Charitable Trust

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