Whether completing or continuing this notable series, Volume 3 is a must-have release, for the ballet score that is The Wooden Prince, music that shimmers, paints pictures, distils a vivid narrative through colourful orchestration, and delights the listener throughout with its luminous-mystical beauty and rhythmic verve – ideally judged by Thomas Dausgaard fronting the BBC Scottish, spotlessly and seamlessly produced by Andrew Keener, the music revelling in Dave Rowell’s superb recorded sound captured in City Halls Glasgow of clarity, dynamism and impact. Also included is a bracing and intense account of the Divertimento, music sometimes darker and scrunchier than the title might suggest, if not without zest or wit, and for which principal and tutti string-players are in top form, and the elegant, ethereal and energetic Romanian Folk Dances brought off with style. ONYX4233.