Highlights include:

  • 81 new noisenights across 21 UK and European towns and cities, including 17 tours and 3 exclusive solo performances
  • 14 noisenight debuts featuring Raphaela Gromes and Julian Riem, Isata Kanneh-Mason, Seckou Keita, Mela Guitar Quartet, Attacca Quartet, James Newby and Joseph Middleton, Vision String Quartet, SUBA Trio, Errollyn Wallen, Vulve Voce, Samson Tsoy, Lise de la Salle, Elena Urioste and Tom Poster, and Bjarte Eike + Barokksolistene.
  • European debut with 9 performances across 2 tours featuring djembe and kora virtuoso Sidiki Dembélé and classical guitarist Alexandra Whittingham
  • 11 debut performances in Wales, Bristol, Sheffield, Nottingham, Margate, Netherlands (Rotterdam), France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam, and Salford.
  • 22 venue debuts including Concorde 2, Brighton; Riverside, Newcastle; Scala, London; Lost Horizon, Bristol; Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield; Strange Brew, Bristol; Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds; The Quarry, Liverpool; Cobalt Studios, Newcastle; Cinetol, Amsterdam; New Grounds; Rotterdam; The Globe, Cardiff; Jam Jar, Bristol; Yellow Arch, Sheffield; Rescue Rooms, Nottingham; Faith in Strangers, Margate; Grounds, Rotterdam; New Morning, Paris; Mercerie, Brussels; Bett, Frankfurt; Toekomstmuziek, Amsterdam; and The White Hotel, Salford.

Just over two years after their first financially sustainable, informal crowdfunded classical gig, through the noise has ignited a new cultural movement in the realm of classical music events. Founded just over two years ago by Jack Bazalgette and Jack Crozier, this community interest company has swiftly evolved from a crowdfunded gig into a transformative cultural force, dedicated to making classical music accessible and vibrant. By reflecting local communities and collaborating on mental health initiatives with regional charities, through the noise fosters meaningful local relationships, connecting audiences to the best live music events. Today, they unveil plans for 82 new noisenights, featuring acclaimed international classical soloists performing in nightclubs and grassroots venues across 21 UK and European cities. This extensive lineup includes 17 tours and 3 exclusive solo dates, many of which feature artists who rarely appear in the UK, spanning from 16 January to 28 June 2024.

Most noisenights feature two short classical sets, one early evening, one late. Tickets to the late set usually include live music for the rest of the night, including jazz, latin, afrobeat, swing and funk acts.

This Spring’s newly announced line-up includes rare guitar and violin duets from Plínio Fernandes and Braimah Kanneh-Mason, three-time Songlines Award winner Seckou Keita, seven-time GRAMMY nominee Omar Sosa, two-time GRAMMY Award-Winning Attacca Quartet, ngoni and djembe star of the recent RSC production Hamnet Sidiki Dembélé, and the UK’s first women and non-binary orchestra Her Ensemble.

Artists making their noisenight debut are cellist Raphaela Gromes and pianist Julian Riem, pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason, kora player Seckou Keita, the Mela Guitar Quartet, the Attacca Quartet, baritone James Newby and pianist Joseph Middleton, the Vision String Quartet, the Vision String Quartet, the SUBA Trio, composer and musician Errollyn Wallen, string quartet Vulve Voce, pianist Samson Tsoy, pianist Lise de la Salle, violinist Elena Urioste and pianist Tom Poster, and baroque violinist Bjarte Eike and ensemble Barokksolistene. 

Venues hosting their very first noisenight, with many of them marking their debut classical gig, are: Concorde 2, Brighton; Riverside, Newcastle; Scala, London; Lost Horizon, Bristol; Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield; Strange Brew, Bristol; Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds; The Quarry, Liverpool; Cobalt Studios, Newcastle; Cinetol, Amsterdam; New Grounds; Rotterdam; The Globe, Cardiff; Jam Jar, Bristol; Yellow Arch, Sheffield; Rescue Rooms, Nottingham; Faith in Strangers, Margate; Grounds, Rotterdam; New Morning, Paris; Mercerie, Brussels; Bett, Frankfurt; Toekomstmuziek, Amsterdam; and The White Hotel, Salford.

Plínio Fernandes and Braimah Kanneh-Mason (16 Jan – 3 Feb)

Following their sold-out debut collaboration at the noisenights summer residency last year, Brazilian classical guitarist Plínio Fernandes and violinist Braimah Kanneh-Mason return for a 14-date UK noisenights tour. Celebrating Plínio’s South American heritage, the programme features a set of rare guitar and violin duets written by musicians from Serbia, Italy, Argentina, Spain, and beyond. The tour will include Concorde 2, Brighton (16 January); Mama Roux’s, Birmingham (17 January); Riverside, Newcastle (18 January); La Belle Angele, Edinburgh (19 January); Slay, Glasgow (20 January); The Globe, Cardiff (23 January); Jam Jar, Bristol (24 January); Yellow Arch, Sheffield (25 January); The Wardrobe, Leeds (28 January); Band on the Wall, Manchester (29 January); Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (30 January); Jazz Café, London (31 January); Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (2 February); Faith in Strangers, Margate (3 February).

Raphaela Gromes and Julian Riem (14 and 15 February)

Through the noise continues its commitment to new music, presenting cello–piano duo Raphaela Gromes and Julian Riem making their noisenight debut with two exclusive UK dates around Valentine’s Day, featuring a selection of emotionally-charged works. The programme will feature pieces by Luisa Adolpha Le Beau and Clara Schumann, two great female composers of the 19th-Century, and Johannes Brahms’ epic second sonata. Performances include Future Yard, Birkenhead (14 February) and OSLO Hackney, London (15 February)

Isata Kanneh-Mason (20 and 21 February)

Chart-topping concert pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason makes her noisenight debut with a solo show after a season which saw her make debuts at the greatest concert halls in the UK, US, Japan, China, and beyond. This rare solo recital will feature pieces by Haydn, Gershwin, Coleridge-Taylor, Schumann and Chopin. Performances include Scala, London (20 February) and Band on the Wall, Manchester (21 February).

Seckou Keita (29 February and 1 March)

Senegalese master of the kora and Songlines award-winner Seckou Keita, nicknamed ‘the Hendrix of the Kora’, makes his noisenight debut with a rare, stripped-back selection of his own magical sounds. Celebrated for his ingenious tunings and virtuosity and praised as “one of the finest exponents of the kora”, the childhood prodigy and pioneering talent is one of the leaders of the newest generation of traditional African musicians, fusing ancient forms and instruments with those of other cultures. Performances include Lost Horizon, Bristol (29 February) and Mama Roux’s, Birmingham (1 March).

Sidiki Dembélé and friends (2 – 21 March)

After their sold-out debut at the noisenights summer residency last year, Djembe and kora virtuoso Sidiki Dembélé is joined again by percussionist Momo Sangaré for the first European noisenights tour, to showcase the sounds of his homeland to 16 cities across the UK and Europe. Hailing from Côte d’Ivoire and from a well-known Malian griot family, Sidiki will collaborate once again with fellow kora virtuoso Modou Ndiaye for a celebration of West African culture. Adding to the ensemble, singer Mariatou Dembélé will come from Abidjan especially for the tour. The tour will include Riverside, Newcastle (2 March); La Belle Angele, Edinburgh (3 March); Slay, Glasgow (4 March); Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield (6 March); Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds (7 March); and Mama Roux’s, Birmingham (8 March). This tour marks through the noise’s first performances in Europe, including stops at Grounds, Rotterdam (9 March); New Morning, Paris (11 March); Mercerie, Brussels (12 March); Bett, Frankfurt (13 March); and Toekomstmuziek, Amsterdam (14 March). Further UK dates include Band on the Wall, Manchester (16 March); Lost Horizon, Bristol (17 March); Jazz Café, London (19 March); Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (20 March); and The Globe, Cardiff3 (21 March).

Mela Guitar Quartet (22 March)

Through the noise continues its commitment to new music bringing international names to the UK for exclusive one-off appearances in front of new audiences. Taking their name from the Sanskrit word for ‘festival’, the Mela Guitar Quartet, makes its solo noisenight debut and celebrates the possibilities created by four virtuoso guitarists in one room with beautiful original compositions and new classics reimagined at The Jago, London (22 March).

Solem Quartet (27 – 29 March)

Following their sold-out debut at the noisenights summer residency last year, the Solem Quartet returns with Alice Zawadzki to present their latest collaboration, featuring Steve Reich’s Grammy-winning Different Trains for string quartet and tape, and songs by Kate Bush, newly arranged for the ensemble by violinist William Newell. Performances include The White Hotel, Salford (27 March); Future Yard, Birkenhead (28 March); and Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds (29 March).

Attacca Quartet (4 and 5 April)

Two-time Grammy Award-winning Attacca Quartet — comprising Amy Schroeder (violin), Domenic Salerni (violin), Nathan Schram (viola), and Andrew Yee (cello) — is recognised and acclaimed as one of the most versatile and outstanding ensembles of the moment. The all-star group, famous for their electric live performances, will present music from their acclaimed releases Real Life and Orange. Performances include OSLO, London (4 April) and Strange Brew, Bristol (5 April).

James Newby + Joseph Middleton (17 April)

Making their noisenight debut, rising star of the opera world James Newby will be joined by leading pianist Joseph Middleton for an exclusive solo performance in a converted petrol station, as part of the Leeds Lieder 20th Anniversary Festival. Taking inspiration from folk-inspired classical songs, James will perform arrangements of traditional English folk tunes, as well as compositions by Maurice Ravel, Thomas Traill, and Gustav Mahler. DJs will end the evening playing rare vinyl records into the night (Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds – 17 April).

Vision String Quartet (18 – 20 April)

Through the noise continues its commitment to new music bringing international names to the UK for one-off appearances in front of new audiences, presenting Berlin’s Vision String Quartet — comprising Florian Willeitner (violin), Daniel Stoll (violin), Leonard Disselhorst (cello), and Sander Stuart (viola) — which has already established itself as one of the finest young string quartets of its generation, with a unique versatility that focuses on the classical string quartet repertoire alongside their own compositions of other disparate genres such as folk, pop, rock, funk and minimalist music. In their noisenight debut, the Vision String Quartet will introduce their current album, Spectrum, which includes music that was entirely composed and produced by the quartet, as well as Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 8 in C minor and Anton Webern’s highly charged work, Langsamer Satz. Performances include Jam Jar, Bristol (18 April); OSLO, London (18 April); and Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (20 April)

Her Ensemble (25 – 27 April)

After the success of their noisenight last year, the Her Ensemble, the UK’s first women and non-binary orchestra directed by Ellie Consta, will embark on a 3-date tour to present their show ‘Forgotten in History’, continuing to highlight the gender gap in the classical music industry. Merging aspects from classical and pop scenes, the free-form group will perform music written by women spanning the past 2000 years in response to the discovery that in 2019, just 3.6% of the classical music pieces performed worldwide were written by women. The programme features an eclectic mix of music from Hildegard von Bingen to the brand-new folk-inspired Clan from Joanna Borrett. Performances include The Quarry, Liverpool (25 April); Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds (26 April); and Cobalt Studios, Newcastle (27 April).

Alexandra Whittingham (29 April – 2 May)

After sold-out UK performances in London, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, classical guitarist Alexandra Whittingham embarks on her first European noisenights tour performing an intimate solo set with music from her debut album My European Journey, which combines her passion for nineteenth-century music with a love of discovering lesser-known composers and bringing them into the spotlight. The brand-new programme features music by Napoléon Coste, Giulio Regondi and Luigi Legnani – bringing local sounds and character from Vienna, London, Copenhagen, and beyond. Performances include New Morning, Paris (29 April); Mercerie, Brussels (30 April); Cinetol, Amsterdam (1 May); and New Grounds, Rotterdam (2 May).

Suba Trio (7 – 11 May)

Following their critically acclaimed Tiny Desk performance, seven-time Grammy-nominated pianist Omar Sosa rejoins kora maestro Seckou Keita and master percussionist Gustavo Ovalles for an all-star collaboration presenting music inspired by their shared ancestral connection to Africa. The 5-date UK tour includes Riverside, Newcastle (7 May); Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (8 May); Band on the Wall, Manchester (9 May); The Wardrobe, Leeds (10 May); and Lafayette, London (11 May).

Errollyn Wallen (16 and 19 May)

Award-winning Belize-born British composer, performer and author Errollyn Wallen makes her solo noisenight debut with two rare performances of her best-loved songs from The Errollyn Wallen Songbook alongside solo piano works. Performances include The Caves, Edinburgh (16 May), and The Lower Third, London (19 May).

Vulva Voce (18 May)

Continuing their commitment to presenting a platform that fosters cross-cultural connections and artistic discovery, through the noise showcase exceptional talent by facilitating exclusive performances in the UK for relatively undiscovered artists hailing from various international locations. Making their noisenight debut, the all-female genre-defying string quartet Vulva Voce presents a programme highlighting the music and stories of women across the centuries, from Renaissance madrigals to African-American Romanticism and contemporary classical. Breaking away from the long-held conventions of classical music and the string quartet, they will also present audiences with radical and refreshing musical experiences, performing their own compositions and arrangements, inspired by the sound worlds of folk, jazz, and techno (The Jago, London – 18 May).

Pavel Kolesnikov + Samson Tsoy (23 – 26 May)

Following the success of his solo noisenight last year acclaimed pianist Pavel Kolesnikov returns with his pianist partner Samson Tsoy for Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring arranged for piano four hands alongside a selection of piano duets. The pair embark on a 4-date UK noisenights tour which begins at a new venue on the Glasgow nightlife scene La Belle Angele, Edinburgh (23 May), then moves to Tyne Bank Brewery, Newcastle (24 May), Lost Horizon, Bristol (25 May), and Future Yard, Birkenhead (26 May).

Chesaba (feat. Abel Selaocoe) (28 May – 2 June)

After sold-out noisenights, Chesaba – comprising Abel Selaocoe (cello), Sidiki Dembélé (djembe, kora, n’goni, African percussion and voice), Alan Keary (electric bass and voice) – embarks on a 5-date UK noisenights tour full of improvisations influenced by African, jazz and classical music, accompanied by the languages of Bambara, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, and many more. Venues include the Old Marble Factory, Bristol (28 May), The Level, Nottingham (29 May), The Leadmill, Sheffield (1 June), and the Electric Brixton, London (2 June).

Lise de la Salle (8 and 9 June)

Continuing their commitment to presenting a platform that fosters cross-cultural connections and artistic discovery, through the noise showcase exceptional talent by facilitating exclusive performances in the UK for relatively undiscovered artists hailing from various international locations. With a reputation as one of today’s most exciting young artists, French pianist Lise de la Salle embarks on a 2-date tour to London (Saturday 8 June) and Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds (Sunday 9 June).

Elena Urioste + Tom Poster (13 June)

Making their UK noisenight debut violinist Elena Urioste and pianist Tom Poster join together for an exclusive noisenight performance at The Mildmay Club, London (13 June).

Third Culture Collective + Ashnaa (18 – 23 June)

Following their sold-out noisenight collaboration, the Third Culture Collective and Tamil-British singer Ashnaa embark on their first 6-date UK noisenights tour to The Jazz Café, London (18 June), Band on the Wall, Manchester (19 June), The Wardrobe, Leeds (20 June), Mama Roux’s, Birmingham (21 June), The Globe, Cardiff (22 June), and the Metronome, Nottingham (23 June).

The Alehouse sessions (Bjarte Eike + Barokksolistene)

Curated and devised by Bjarte Eike, the Alehouse Sessions are an ever-changing and evolving insight into the music of the English 17th-century tavern. Following their successful BBC Four film in 2023, the group embarks on a mini tour celebrating folk music, fiddle tunes, drinking songs and sea shanties, brought vividly to life by virtuoso musicians Bjarte Eike and Barokksolistene. The tour includes The Jazz Café, London (26 June), Tyne Bank Brewery, Newcastle (27 June), and the Band on the Wall, Manchester (28 June).

through the noise Artistic Director, Jack Bazalgette commented: “We’re riding a huge wave of public support with this release. Every gig we’ve put on so far has been entirely supported by audiences and so we’ve pulled out all the stops for our new season. This spring’s packed schedule sees us host some of the most inspiring and original musicians in the world at over eighty shows: we’re taking UK talent to Paris, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels and Frankfurt while also investing in bringing artists from around the world to the UK for exclusive noisenight appearances. We’re so grateful to all the punters who have made this possible and I can’t wait to be part of the audience for every one of these concerts”


Notes to editors

Full listings online at www.throughthenoise.co.uk

Images can be downloaded here.

Plínio Fernandes + Braimah Kanneh-Mason

Tuesday 16 January – Concorde 2, Brighton

Wednesday 17 January – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham

Thursday 18 January – Riverside, Newcastle

Friday 19 January – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

Saturday 20 January – Slay, Glasgow

Tuesday 23 January – The Globe, Cardiff

Wednesday 24 January – Jam Jar, Bristol

Thursday 25 January – Yellow Arch, Sheffield

Sunday 28 January – The Wardrobe, Leeds

Monday 29 January – Band on the Wall, Manchester

Tuesday 30 January – Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

Wednesday 31 January – Jazz Cafe, London

Friday 2 February – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Saturday 3 February – Faith in Strangers, Margate

Raphaela Gromes + Julian Riem

Wednesday 14 February – Future Yard, Birkenhead

Thursday 15 February – OSLO Hackney, London

Isata Kanneh-Mason 

Tue 20 February – Scala, London

Wed 21 February – Band on the Wall, Manchester

Seckou Keita

Thu 29 February – Lost Horizon, Bristol

Fri 1 March – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham

Sidiki Dembélé + friends

Saturday 2 March – Riverside, Newcastle

Sunday 3 March – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

Monday 4 March – Slay, Glasgow

Wednesday 6 March – Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield

Thursday 7 March – Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Friday 8 March – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham

Saturday 9 March – Grounds, Rotterdam

Monday 11 March – New Morning, Paris

Tuesday 12 March – Mercerie, Brussels

Wednesday 13 March – Bett, Frankfurt

Thursday 14 March – Toekomstmuziek, Amsterdam

Saturday 16 March – Band on the Wall, Manchester

Sunday 17 March – Lost Horizon, Bristol

Tuesday 19 March – Jazz Cafe, London

Wednesday 20 March – Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

Thursday 21 March – The Globe, Cardiff

Mela Guitar Quartet

Friday 22 March – The Jago, London

Solem Quartet + Alice Zawadzki

Wednesday 27 March – The White Hotel, Salford

Thursday 28 March – Future Yard, Birkenhead

Friday 29 March – Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Attacca Quartet

Thursday 4 April – OSLO, London

Friday 5 April – Strange Brew, Bristol

James Newby + Joseph Middleton

Wednesday 17 April – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds (Leeds Lieder 20th Anniversary Festival)

Vision String Quartet

Thursday 18 April – Jam Jar, Bristol

Friday 19 April – OSLO, London

Saturday 20 April – Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

Her Ensemble

Thursday 25 April – The Quarry, Liverpool

Friday 26 April – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Saturday 27 April – Cobalt Studios, Newcastle

Alexandra Whittingham

Monday 29 April – New Morning, Paris

Tuesday 30 April – Mercerie, Brussels

Wednesday 1 May – Cinetol, Amsterdam

Thursday 2 May – New Grounds, Rotterdam

Suba Trio

Tuesday 7 May – Riverside, Newcastle

Wednesday 8 May – Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

Thursday 9 May – Band on the Wall, Manchester

Friday 10 May – The Wardrobe, Leeds

Saturday 11 May – Lafayette, London

Errollyn Wallen

Thursday 16 May – The Caves, Edinburgh

Sunday 19 May – The Lower Third, London

Vulva Voce

Saturday 18 May – The Jago, London

Pavel Kolesnikov + Samson Tsoy

Thursday 23 May – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

Friday 24 May – Tyne Bank Brewery, Newcastle

Saturday 25 May – Lost Horizon, Bristol

Sunday 26 May – Future Yard, Birkenhead

Chesaba (feat. Abel Selaocoe)

Tuesday 28 May – Old Marble Factory, Bristol

Wednesday 29 May – The Level, Nottingham

Saturday 1 June – The Leadmill, Sheffield

Sunday 2 June – Jazz Cafe, London

Lise de la Salle

Saturday 8 June – venue TBA, London

Sunday 9 June – Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Elena Urioste + Tom Poster

Thursday 13 June – The Mildmay Club, London

Third Culture Collective + Ashnaa

Tuesday 18 June – The Jazz Cafe, London

Wednesday 19 June – Band on the Wall, Manchester

Thursday 20 June – The Wardrobe, Leeds

Friday 21 June – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham

Saturday 22 June – The Globe, Cardiff

Sunday 23 June – Metronome, Nottingham

The Alehouse sessions (Bjarte Eike + Barokksolistene)

Wednesday 26 June – The Jazz Cafe, London

Thursday 27 June – Tyne Bank Brewery, Newcastle

Friday 28 June – Band on the Wall, Manchester