Tim Posner, already a prize-winner, needs only two things to make a notable impression – his cello and his musicianship, and here both are in tip-top order. In this performance, the expression of Ernest Bloch’s Schelomo comes from within – immediately given Posner’s arresting plangent tone and throughout with his unforced intense phrasing, judiciously detailed by the Berne Symphony Orchestra and Katharina Müllner, who know exactly where the climax is – arrived at with certainty and fired-up with cinematic relish. In Max Bruch’s exquisite if soulful Kol Nidrei, Posner is tender and intimate, subtly beguiling too, and leaves no doubt as to the cellist’s sensitivity. Ernö Dohnányi’s Konzertstück may prove to be the revelation of this release, a gorgeously lyrical opus, lightly Brahmsian, vernal, which Posner plays with much affection and invests numerous varied hues and intensities into the expressive and captivating twenty-five-minute whole, complemented by fine woodwind and horn solos. Excellent and well-balanced sound on Claves CD 3079. I look forward to hearing Tim Posner again.