Violinist Francesca Dego joins forces with

Sir Roger Norrington

to record

Mozart Violin Concertos 3 & 4

with the Violin Sonata in E minor, KV 304*

Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Francesca Leonardi – piano*

~ Released September 3rd 2021 on Chandos

~ First recording of these works for both soloist and conductor

…a virtuosity that is completely free of any technical restraints. There is much expressivity in her rich, full-bloodied and yet very refined playing”

Pizzicato on Francesca Dego

Acclaimed American-Italian violinist Francesca Dego joins forces with the legendary conductor and period performance expert, Sir Roger Norrington for this eagerly-anticipated recording of Mozart’s Third and Fourth Violin Concertos. Astonishingly, this is the first recording of these works for both the soloist and the conductor.

A musician who has been at the forefront of historically informed musical performance for over fifty years, Sir Roger conducts the outstanding Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) for this recording, configured here with a reduced number of strings and with antiphonal violin seating in order to replicate the size and seating of the Salzburg court orchestra that gave the first performance of these works. The difference here of course is that the RSNO is not a period orchestra but nonetheless showed itself to be curious, open-minded and ready to adapt to Sir Roger’s vision.

Sir Roger’s attention to detail and his style and flair are enthusiastically embraced by soloist and orchestra alike, resulting in a fresh and compelling interpretation of these popular works. Dego completes the recording with the Violin Sonata in E minor, KV 304, performed together with her regular recital partner, pianist Francesca Leonardi.

Notes Sir Roger: “I relished the opportunity to record these delicious concertos with a brilliant young virtuoso willing to take on board modern scholarship about Mozart style and with an excellent, alert orchestra, equally open and ready for discovery…I hope these performances sound young, fresh, and spontaneous. The care taken to use a historically appropriate style is not meant to make the music sound ‘scholarly’ or ‘correct’, but brilliant, touching, and exciting”

Francesca Dego, who first met Sir Roger in 2010 at the Royal College of Music, has long since been an enthusiast of his uninhibited, inspiring and fresh approach, adding:

This recording is the first instalment of my most inspiring musical journey yet! Had I not met and started working with Sir Roger I might have waited another twenty years before recording Mozart’s perfect violin concerti. Suddenly with him everything made sense. We discussed sound, phrasing, bowings, vibrato, ornamentation and tempi for months, enjoying the process and discovering new details. How he shapes every aspect of the orchestral lines and accompaniments allows me to sing my melodies whilst literally tasting the harmonic rhythm. I am truly thrilled and honoured to present ‘my’ Mozart alongside one of the most admired Mozart interpreters in history”.

Known for her sonorous tone, compelling interpretations, flawless technique and collaborative approach, violinist Francesca Dego made her concerto debut at the age of seven. She has swiftly risen to prominence as a highly-regarded interpreter who regularly performs on world stages with leading orchestras and eminent conductors. As well as her celebrated music-making, Dego is a published author of a book on classical music and is often asked to contribute articles and opinion pieces to specialist music publications.

A second volume of Mozart Violin Concertos is scheduled for recording in mid-September 2021 and an album showcasing a selection of Mozart Violin Sonatas, hand-picked by Dego, is also planned.