Two discs, separately available, containing Dvořák’s concertante works, led by Prague-born Walter Susskind (1913-80) throughout fashioning idiomatic and characterful accompaniments from the SLS (he was music director at the time) for three distinguished soloists. Zara Nelsova gives a gutsy and vibrant account of the Cello Concerto, lively and soulful, totally engaged with the music’s generous passions and lyricisms, sporting timbres seldom heard these days, alas, with the orchestra wholly involved as well and attractively rustic in tone at times, and the result is a joy, which is also true of the contemplative Silent Woods and the earworm that is the impish G-minor Rondo. Following which, Ruggiero Ricci plays the rapturous Romance, a gorgeous piece, with flowing eloquence, and then brings fire to the Mazurek, both being preludes to his magnetic reading (on the other disc) of the Violin Concerto, given with spontaneity, intensity and depth of feeling, concluding with a Slavonic-dancing final movement. Last but not least, Rudolf Firkušný essays the underrated Piano Concerto (which he recorded at least three times) with affection and panache, he and Susskind bringing forth an adorable work, including the nocturnal slow movement and the scintillating Finale. These mid-1970s’ recordings (Aubort/Nickrenz) have come up new-minted thanks to Clements and Walton, and the result is two enjoyable and recommendable releases. Further Susskind from Vox?

Nelsova/Ricci VOX-NX-3034CD

Ricci/Firkušný VOX-NX-3035CD

Both released on February 23