Well, movements II-IV, from a Berlin performance in November 1943 (decent sound).

Following my enthusiasm for Juanjo Mena’s Chandos recording of the work, http://www.colinscolumn.com/juanjo-mena-and-the-bbc-philharmonic-record-bruckners-sixth-symphony-for-chandos/, Rob Cowan suggested I also listen to Furtwängler’s conducting of it.

Delighted to, and very pleased to know how WF approached this wonder of a work – what a shame the first movement is missing – for although it’s very different to Mena’s, it is also persuasive on its own terms, especially fiery in the Finale, forward-moving in the Scherzo’s Trio, and dignified in a flowing yet searing Adagio.

A few textural differences can no doubt be ascribed to editions: Furtwängler uses Robert Haas’s, whereas Nowak (Mena) had yet to prepare his. (Other editions have since become available.)

Thanks Rob for the enlightenment as to what Bruckner 6 can yield.