Trio Silhouette from Hungary wins 1st Prize at multidisciplinary
Goodmesh Concours 2022
Five finalists performed in front of the Goodmesh Concours jury and a live audience at Theater De
Regentes, The Hague, on December 1, 2022, to conclude the 2022 edition.
Trio Silhouette from Hungary has won the 1st Prize, with the judges commending their excellent mixture of
classical music, live dancing, lighting and visual art. Resulting in a very powerful and poetic performance.
The 2nd Prize was awarded to Ensemble Emergenz from Germany, as they combined musical soundscapes
with artistic swimming, visuals and unique instruments such as a water piano and sub bass recorders. The
Audience Award went to Johannes Rydén & Simon Rydén from Sweden, combining solo baroque cello with
dance. The finalists from Australia (Naoko Uemoto, Victor Arul and Julie Ziegenhardt) and France (Alexandre
Adam and Simon Machefert) did not win prizes at the Goodmesh Concours 2022, yet also impressed both
the jury and audience very much.
Over the past three editions of the Goodmesh Concours, applications from hundreds of artists were
received, representing over 50 nationalities and over 100 musical instruments and non-musical art forms.
This is a clear testament that young artists are ready to think outside the box and come up with new and
exciting ways to bring art to their audience.

1st Prize Winner
Trio Silhouette: Róza Radnóti, classical piano and project concept; Mátyás Virág, classical cello; Rita
Góbi, choreography & dance (Hungary)
The Jury: “With excellent performances of works by Kurtág and Janáček by cellist Mátyás Virág and pianist
Róza Radnóti, the lighting, visuals and dancing came to life in a mesmerising way. The tension during the
performance was equal to that of literally catching a fish. When you get a bite you get goosebumps and you
want to keep the catch with you.”

2nd Prize Winner
Ensemble Emergenz: Tabea Wink & Marie Erndl, recorders and concept; Paul Bießmann, water piano and
electronics; Ruth Brauchle & Stefan Popp, film and editing; Isabel Prieb, artistic swimming. (Germany)
The Jury: “Sounds of whales and completely new rhythmic, almost electronic-like sounds of communicating
fish performed on instruments such as the ‘water piano’ and two sub-great bass recorders. An artistic swimmer
is tangled up in ropes. All this in the bathtub of Theater de Regentes, which was once a swimming pool, appeals
to the imagination. The sight and sound strongly evoke the horror of humankind polluting the oceans.”

Audience Award Winner
Johannes Rydén, baroque cello; Simon Rydén, dance (Sweden)
The Jury: “Live ‘dancing’ with just two hands underneath a camera of which the footage was shown on a huge
screen on stage combined with a cellist playing such wonderful baroque music was intriguing. A unique
experience. We do understand the audience’s choice!”

The Jury

  • Rachel Xi Zhang, Percussionist, Ph.D, Marimba One and Encore Mallets artist
  • Guido van Oorschot, Music Journalist for De Volkskrant
  • Melchior Huurdeman, Editor, TV and Radio presenter
  • Anke Roder, Visual Artist
  • Floor van der Holst, PR & Artist Manager
  • Jacques Goddijn, Founder of Goodmesh

“What an excellent idea for a competition. To
bring all art forms together, encouraging young
artists to be so creative, and even providing a
platform to support them afterwards! I really do
think Goodmesh is going to make a difference in
the art world.”

  • Rachel Xi Zhang
    Percussionist, PhD, Professor at Conservatorium van
    Amsterdam, Jury member of Goodmesh Concours 2022

About the Goodmesh Concours 2022
Goodmesh Concours is the first multidisciplinary art competition of its kind. Breaking the norms of art and
music contests, we ask participants to combine music with another art form for an artistically driven and
boundaryless exploration of uniting art forms based on one simple theme: ‘fish’.
Róza Radnóti (1st Prize winner, pianist & concept developer) comments on winning the
Goodmesh Concours 2022:
“We are so very proud and grateful to have won the 1st Prize of the Goodmesh Concours 2022! Our performance
is based on classical music pieces without making any change in them. Our goal was to make the audience feel
the dramaturgy of our performance and the three amazing pieces by Kurtág and Janáček. We used simple, yet
very sensitive tools to make our live performance, dance and video come to life.
I was always hesitating between my artistic interests. First I forced myself to choose only one of them as a
profession, and I did so by finishing my studies as a classical pianist. However, I could not put aside the thought
of doing something with stage or film directing and visuals, this is why I decided to be brave and try to combine
all these interests and to make one piece of art out of them. I really enjoyed the process of preparing this
performance a lot, the required versatile creativity, the team-work with artists from different artfields, and
creating something together.
In the future I hope to work with people who I can share creative moments with and make performances or
videos putting classical music pieces in a new context, so that the audience might be able to relate to them
better. I am very happy to have our Trio Silhouette, because I feel that we have a lot in common in aesthetic
values. We will be putting more cohesional performances together with our trio; through music, dance and
visual art.”

The Prizes
1st Prize: € 5.000,- plus International Press Exposure, Goodmesh Management: Live performance
opportunities, artistic branding and guidance, Professional photoshoot and video recording
2nd Prize: € 3.000,- plus International Press Exposure, Goodmesh Management: Live performance
opportunities, artistic branding and guidance, Professional photoshoot and video recording
Audience Award: € 1.000,- plus International Press Exposure, Professional photoshoot and video recording

About Goodmesh
Goodmesh is an artistic agency based in the Hague, organising cultural events, an annual interdisciplinary
art competition, and creative workshops for businesses. They create space and opportunities for everyone
to be more open and enriched by art and all things creative. The team comprises Jacques Goddijn (Founder,
Art director & Concept developer), Aliaksandra Pirazhenka (Brand Manager, Conceptual designer & Content
creator) and Janina Lorenci (Programmer & Concept Developer).