Release date: Friday 7 October 2022 on Signum Classics

“I hope that the listener to this piece can feel not just the power and the majesty of the music but also the incredible science behind the piece … we know such a small amount about our universe … and this symphony starts to shed light on that fact” Marin Alsop

Inspired by the beauty and majesty of the moons in our solar system, composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg’s major new work is a thrilling merger of music and science. Discovering these fascinating moons of the outer solar system made her realise “These moons need music – these moons need emotion.” Extensive research followed and discussions with leading planetary scientists at NASA/JPL, John Hopkins APL and UMich along with consultations with astronauts helped shape the stories of the symphony.

Falkenberg’s experience as a film composer made her acutely aware of music’s emotional power and how she could unleash the moons’ secrets and transport the listener to experience each moon’s unique exotic habitats on a stunning space adventure.

The Moons Symphony culminates in a powerful final movement, with full choir and soloists, where humanity stands together on the surface of our moon to view our planet from this unique vantage point – a view that has changed our perception of our place in the universe and of our planet.

The powerful and emotional score from this final movement accompanied the tribute video shown at the Kennedy Space Center’s celebration of Apollo 8’s 50th Anniversary.

This world premiere recording, with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marin Alsop, concludes with Falkenberg playing Debussy’s Clair de Lune and a reading of Falkenberg’s poem Reflections on Symphonic Space Flight by retired NASA astronaut Nicole Stott. The contemplative piano piece and the poem brings the listener ‘Back to Earth’ after their journey through Space – but that journey has only just begun as Falkenberg states:

“We are on a mission. It’s my hope that this symphony will offer a chance to reflect on who and where we are and through the awe and wonder of spaceflight we celebrate Earthrise together.”