There’s much to admire from the latest Cliburn-winner Yunchan Lim’s playing of Chopin’s Opus Ten and Twenty-Five Studies (a shame the Trois nouvelles ├ętudes are not included) – precise playing at speed, subtle variances of dynamics, shapely/sensitive phrasing, powerhouse address/intimate expression as required, and unfailing clarity and highlighting between the hands. So, a huge talent, poised and considered, virtuosity unlimited, yet across these twenty-four pieces there is a sameness of approach that rather restricts the music’s individual personalities. After a while you know what he’s going to do, and he does it, although any one number is impressive. Of course Yunchan Lim is just beginning what should be a glittering career, hopefully with greater interpretative individuality emerging. Meanwhile Decca 487 0122 (12/23) couldn’t be bettered as a calling card.