Yep, a three-way tie!

Roth’s Don Quixote/Till Eulenspiegel are both full of good things,, performances that engross and illuminate and immediately become a top recommendation.

Equally so, Mirga’s conducting of British masterpieces,, in particular, if certainly not alone from this collection, the Walton (music from Troilus and Cressida), which has a swagger and sensitivity that invites many return listens.

And FHR’s Early Stereo (4) is another gem,, a reminder of those heady two-channel LP days, record-cleaning cloths, stylus brushing, and precise (triangular) speaker & listener placement. No nostalgia trip though, for FHR’s selection is of top-notch performances, sounding great, not least Paul Kletzki’s account of Dances of Galánta, totally idiomatic and, come the conclusion, remarkable take-off, with a tempo that’s off the scale and stunningly realised by the RPO. In my review I should have mentioned the mellifluous clarinet contributions, which I assume are courtesy of Jack Brymer.