Following his survey of her solo piano music,, Peter Jablonski now records Grażyna Bacewicz’s Piano Concerto (1949), a stylistically diverse piece, spiky and scintillating, leaning to the romantic, music with attractive ideas that moves between them with alacrity and individual flavour, a compact three-movement score with an expressive, rather sultry Andante, rounded by a colourful and rhythmic Finale, percussion prominent, that vies with lyrical episodes. With Elisabeth Brauß, Jablonski also records the Concerto for Two Pianos (1966), a more ‘modern’ piece redolent of its decade that makes a big impression; plenty of incident in the outer movements, the final one quirky and quizzical, spare and intense in the middle one. This release makes a good ‘concert’ of Bacewicz’s music, beginning with Overture (1943), fizzing and contemplative, ending with Music for Strings, Trumpets and Percussion (1958), Bacewicz (1909-69) acknowledging avant-garde tendencies while staying communicatively on her side of the composing border. Excellent music, performances and recording (April/December last year); Ondine ODE1427-2.