Rehearsal three days ago

A few words to tide us over until Sony Classical issues this concert in various formats, including vinyl, the Vienna Phil (Rainer Honeck, concertmaster, with Albena Danailova sharing the first desk; rumour had it that she would be leading) as-ever the epitome of style and affection for the dance music of the Strauss Family, and others, Christian Thielemann (his second such concert) as distinguished as anybody in this repertoire, with time for the music’s small print without compromising charm and exuberance, and in a programme that balanced rarities (NYC premieres) with masterpieces, the latter including Josef Strauss’s wonderful Delirien Waltz. Bruckner made his NYC debut in his two-hundredth-birthday year to enjoyable effect. Thielemann has recorded his Eleven Symphonies if not every publication and edition: when eleven becomes at least twenty-one, a conservative estimate. (Any set however good – such as Blomstedt or Janowski – with Nine is not the claimed complete.) Over now to Sony to produce the release, and next year’s conductor is Riccardo Muti, a veteran of the role, his seventh time.

Karl Komzák Erzherzog Albrecht-Marsch, op. 136

Johann Strauß II Wiener Bonbons. Walzer, op. 307

Johann Strauß II Figaro-Polka. Polka française, op. 320

Josef Hellmesberger (Sohn) Für die ganze Welt. Walzer

Eduard Strauß Ohne Bremse. Polka schnell, op. 238

Johann Strauß II Overture to the Operetta “Waldmeister”

Johann Strauß II Ischler Walzer. Nachgelassener Walzer Nr. 2

Johann Strauß II Nachtigall-Polka, op. 222

Eduard Strauß Die Hochquelle Polka mazur, op. 114

Johann Strauß II Neue Pizzicato-Polka. op. 449

Josef Hellmesberger (Sohn)Estudiantina-Polka aus dem Ballett “Die Perle von Iberien”

Carl Michael Ziehrer Wiener Bürger. Walzer, op. 419

Anton Bruckner Quadrille, WAB 121 (Orchestr. W. Dörner)

Hans Christian Lumbye Glædeligt Nytaar! Galopp

Josef Strauß Delirien (Deliriums), Waltz, op. 212

Josef Strauss: Jockey, Fast Polka, op. 278
Johann Strauss: The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz, op. 314
Johann Strauss Sr: Radetzky March. op. 228