This excellent remastering (Clements/Walton) of the original 1976/77 Elite Recordings (Aubort/Nickrenz) productions complements the already available Concertos Two & Three in the Vox Audiophile series, and offers splendidly powerful, flexible and potent accounts of Concertos One & Four (in their final revisions) finding Abbey Simon (who nearly made it to his hundredth birthday) as a sympathetic musical virtuoso backed to the hilt by Leonard Slatkin, a master of detail, romantic ardour and expressive breadth – both artists also sensitive to confidences and to the quieter end of the dynamic scale – with the St Louis Symphony a vivid part of the action: you only have to listen to the opening of the great Fourth Concerto, a complex piece of writing, to find that all particulars (not least woodwinds) are in pertinent place. Add in a humdinger account of the Paganini Rhapsody, leaping new-minted off the page, and in sound immediate enough to have me in Powell Hall in the best stalls seat, to confirm Simon and Slatkin are a charismatic partnership, with the SLS a magnetic interlocutor. VOXNX3030CD.